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Chesapeake Natives Inc. is currently looking for an Assistant Nursery Manager!
Position Closed, currently reviewing applications

To support our volunteer-driven activities, Chesapeake Natives plant nursery seeks a dynamic and organized individual able to be the direct supervisor of a crew of 5-10 volunteers.

The successful candidate must be able to do physical work, prioritize and assign production tasks, and resolve problems quickly and effectively in a fast-paced nursery environment. This is a 52-week, year-round position. The greenhouse is open 52 weeks a year. Monday to Friday is anticipated with 6-7 hours per day and flexibility to work occasional weekends and/or holidays. The position will be payrolled two-weekly, with holidays, 10 days of vacation, and health benefits. The ideal candidate should be passionate about growing local ecotype native plants, have excellent people and management skills, and should have a greenhouse or nursery background in the production and planting of native plants. We have a great nursery team and we would love to hear from qualified candidates who would like to work in the unique historic environment of Rosaryville State Park.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Greenhouse manager for plant production and maintenance needs
  • Maintain watering, soil, and weed control needs of the entire nursery (especially the shade house and pool areas)
  • Work directly with senior management and the sales team to meet necessary production/sale schedules
  • Drive and operate all production related equipment.
  • Supervise a crew of volunteers to fulfill the necessary daily tasks related to species production, plant sales, and site maintenance
  • Train, assist, and evaluate volunteers that report to you
  • Maintain accurate inventory for entire nursery by section
  • Record and report daily production numbers
  • Participate in fulfilling plant orders, generating invoices and/or receipts and labeling (as required)
  • Manage and prioritize the daily and weekly tasks for yourself and your crew
  • Maintain training policies for volunteers that report to you

Experience Qualifications:
All of the following are preferred (A minimum of one is required)

  1. Degree or certificate of completion in Agriculture/Plant science or related field of study from a college or vocational school
  2. Prior work experience working with plants for at least 6 months, prior experience with native plants a plus
  3. Prior supervisory experience working with volunteers for at least 6 months

Requirements and Expectations:

  • Demonstrates from previous work experience clear communications skills, ability to multi-task and lead by example, self-motivation
  •  Demonstrates the ability to work well with a diverse team volunteers with a wide range of skills and abilities, and adjust programs to meet the needs of the volunteers
  • Meets at minimum, the following general labor requirements: perform repetitive and physical tasks, bending for extended periods, lifting and carrying multiple potted plants of various sizes, and working in all weather conditions.
  • Be able to read, write, and speak in English
  • Be flexible to work occasional weekends and/or holidays to complete essential task
  • Be able to maintain and enforce training policies for volunteers that report to you
  • Learn and stay up to date on the plants we grow
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, and able to work with social media and the Website
  • Must be proactive about potential safety issues involving equipment, species, and personnel
  • Must be able to keep up with industry changes in areas such as education, technology, and new products
  • Must be able to work on-site at the Greenhouse Monday through Friday for at least 6 hours per day throughout the year

Job Type: Full-Time (35 hrs/week with benefits)
Salary: $32,000/year
Closing Date : February 23, 2018

Please send your Cover Letter, Resume, and three References to:
Ms. Linda Gordon, Greenhouse Manager,

the full job listing as PDF can be found at: Assistant Nursery Manager